A great lawn shouldn't be a hassle.

A healthy and thick lawn is the first defense and barrier against weeds in turf. Aeration in the fall is the single most beneficial practice that can be done to a lawn. Areas that are bare or thin will need to be seeded. Sonshine provides several services to get your turf thick, lush, and beautiful. Whether is a completely starting over, killing everything and re-seeding or just aeration and over-seeding, we've got a plan for you. One of our experience lawn experts will analyze your turf and make a custom lawn renovation plan for you.

Our lawn renovation services are:

  • Aeration – pulling small plugs of turf and soil out of the ground. Helps to promote new healthy root growth, de-compacts the soil, helps reduce thatch issues. This is the single most important thing that can be done to any lawn and should be done yearly.
  • Aeration and over-seeding – aerating the entire lawn twice and broadcasting the seed. The seed will fall into the holes from aeration and begin to grow, thickening up the turf. This method is used on lawns that are decent and do not need much new seed to be sown.
  • Verticutting and over-seeding – This is a radical approach to completely rejuvenate a lawn. Much of the existing turf will be damaged with verticut process and a then seed. This process is for lawns that are in very poor condition. This is basically a "starting over" approach and the beginning a beautiful lush lawn.

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