We offer truly custom landscape designs for our customers' consideration.

Once you have set an appointment one of our experienced landscape designers will meet with you at your home for a consultation. He will ask as many questions as possible to ensure a truly custom landscape design that will fit your needs and wants. The designer will then go over the cost, take measurements, make notations regarding surrounding soil conditions, and take a few digital photos.

With the use of computer aided drafting, your design will begin to take shape back at our office. This is a "blue print" that can be used by our installation department to be certain that the plants and hardscape materials are being installed exactly to your specifications.

Once the design phase is complete the next step will be to create a digital image using the photo that was taken during your initial consultation. This image will closely resemble what the designer has in mind for your particular project. Now you will be able to visualize exactly what the designer intends to do for your landscape installation.

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