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Escape… into your own backyard.

It seems like just about everyone that visits our web site makes their way to the water features page. Whether it's in someone's backyard or in the lobby area of a nice hotel people love to sit near bubbling water. Now it's easier than ever to have a water feature installed in your own landscape. The technology behind modern day water features has come a long way and is astounding. It is now possible for just about anyone who loves the sound of water to find a feature that will fit their tastes as well as their budget. With our 25 years of experience I'm sure I can help you figure out what direction to take when adding a water feature to your landscape. We are the Metro Area's leading Certified Aquascape Contractor.

Have you ever seen or heard of a disappearing waterfall or fountain?

Disappearing waterfalls and fountains are becoming very popular. They are a very easy and affordable way to start enjoying the wonderful, soothing sounds of water in your landscape. Just as the name indicates, the water in these features actually seems to disappear into the ground. In reality the water is being re-circulated with a pump that is located in a hidden basin underground. For people wanting a waterfall and/or stream without a pond this is an excellent solution. If you have small children that you don't want near open water for a few years you can install a disappearing waterfall, perfect for adding a pond later. These displays don't take up much space but they will transform the appearance of your home into a visual paradise. Anyone visiting your home will be compelled to pause in appreciation. The natural response to our water features is always, "WOW!".

Ever think about how nice it would be to have a meandering stream flowing through your landscape?

Did you know that you don't need to have a pond to enjoy a stream in your landscape? We can install a babbling brook or wide meandering stream and have it end with a hidden basin so that you don't need a pond. These displays can have small or large waterfalls depending on the lay of the land and your personal perferences. We have constructed streams from 2' long to 35' long and they all have one thing in common, they all help you relax and they melt away stress. It's like being at a retreat every time you go outside. Do you have an area in your landscape where you would definitely enjoy having a beautiful water feature with soothing sounds? Don't hesitate to contact me for a consultation.

Did you know that a properly built water feature actually increases your property value?

With the exception of a day at the spa, I'm not sure there is anything more relaxing than going out back to sit and relax by your pond. The peaceful sounds of the waterfall slowly drift over to where you're sitting and the cares of the day vanish. Colorful fish draw your attention to let you know how hungry they are – and magnificent blooming flowers demand your admiration… isn't it nice to be home?

You can enjoy the benefits of a beautifuly installed pond and waterfall. I can help you determine placement, design and size that would be appropriate for your special area.

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