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We Install Rainbird Irrigation Systems

Water is not free. Did you know that a proper irrigation system should be designed to conserve water and help to keep your water bill down. A proper design should account for specific head placement, slope of the landscape, soil conditions, the amount of wind, and sunlight exposure. Each of these factors effects the efficiency of a sprinkler system.

Irrigation Basics

Each system that we install is custom designed for your lawn and landscaping. Each system is required to have a backflow device by most city codes. This prevents water that has entered the sprinkler system from backwashing and contaminating your water. PVC pipe connects the backflow to a valve that controls one group of heads, or zone. Each zone is controlled by one valve. Flexible polyurethane is then used to connect each head on the zone. Head placement is the deciding factor in the amount of heads required. The picture below shows proper head placement. (Have to incorporate the picture of sprinkler heads running on brochure with this article. That is a great picture of proper head placement demonstrating head to head coverage) See how these two heads completely overlap each other, this is called "head to head" coverage. Head to head coverage is imperative to an efficient sprinkler system. Systems without head to head coverage waste water and sometimes cannot even keep the grass green. Establishing head to head coverage after a system has been installed can be extremely difficult and in many cases very costly.

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Every system that is installed by Sonshine Lawn is guaranteed for 2 years. After 2 years, each component will still have a manufacturer's warranty.

Irrigation At-a-glance

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